Accumatics v1

From 1997 to 2003, Accumatics built custom servers for telecoms, government and industry, integrating network capture cards ranging from oc3 to oc192.  San Diego Supercomputer Center, National Center for Supercomputing Applications, National Center for Atmospheric Research, France Telecom, Tsinghua University, Bell Canada, National Library of Medicine, HP-UK, Boeing AEAC, and the National Computer Security Center were among our customers.

Covington & Burling Helpdesk Sharepoint Site

I worked as a Helpdesk Analyst at Covington from 2009-2011.  Here's the Sharepoint site I developed for the firm's 1,500 users.

Here's is the site for the firm's Attorney IT Enrichment Program.

Philharmonic Audio

I provide web and other technical support to Dennis at

Evolus Pencil provides an easy way to document networks.

Sony CD Architect is great for mastering CDs to the Red Book spec.